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Earnest Money Payment

Submitting your earnest money is now easy!

Using a secure, online payment application, your funds will be sent electronically.


 How to complete your payment!
  • At the bottom of this webpage click "PAY ONLINE" and you will be directed to a secure payment form.
  • Add your name/buyer name and email address. NOTE: This email address will receive a receipt once the payment has been completed.
  • Add the property address you are purchasing (not your current address).
  • Add your realtor's name. If you do not have a realtor, add N/A.
  • Add your account number and routing number.
  • Click "PAY" and you're done!




IMPORTANT NOTE: This escrow account is strictly used for the purchase and sale/refinance of real property. If you wish to open a checking or savings account, please contact your local bank.